$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (2024)

+1 702 900 4000 7am - 11pm PST

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (3)

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$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (6) Book Send Gift

Gift $199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (9) Book

+1 702 900 4000 7am - 11pm PST

Oceanview Skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego.

There is no Oceanview like our Oceanview!

Come skydiving in Oceanside within easy reach of Los Angeles and San Diego.

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (11)

Great Skydiving Locations

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (12) Las Vegas:

The best skydiving team in Nevada if not the USA. Have a look around and check out our reviews ! You are in great hands skydiving with us in Las Vegas.

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (13) Oceanside:

Californias best skydiving, with an Oceanview to boot ! Conveniently located to Los Angeles and San Diego. Enjoy Oceanview skydiving in California!

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (14) Hawaii:

Skydiving at its best with the Beautiful Oahu Oceanview makes this the perfect Hawaii skydiving experience.

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (15)

Professional Safe

Delivering big skydiving smiles in safe packages.

Relive and share the fun!

West Coast smiles in super HD

We Love To Skydive

We are experienced, energetic and have the best for ourselves and our clients. Brand new, purpose built skydiving aircraft, the latest in parachute technology and the perfect locations serving San Diego , Los Angeles , Las Vegas and Hawaii.

Learn About Us

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (16)

Confidently Experienced

We Love Our Customers. Skydiving experiences in the most wonderful locations

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (17)

Skydives Completed


We love to skydive and have completed so far 145,621 in our three lovely centers.

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (18)

Feet Aircraft Climbed


We have a young modern fleet for your comfort and safety.

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (19)

Staff Hours In Freefall


Experience is confidence in what we do.

Happy Skydivers

Experienced, energetic and have the best for ourselves and our clients.

Join the family.

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (20)$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (21)

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (22)

Maryann R

19 Reviews

120 mph feels SO GOOD!! My friend and I decided to skydive since her birthday was 7/21 and mine was 7/16. The folks at GoJump Oceanside made the whole experience AMAZING!!!!

My instructor, Liam and camera dude, Eddie are the BEST!!!!! They were super sweet, professional, funny and great guys. Liam answered all my questions, even sharing some cool stories and information. He explained everything so well and I trusted him from the get go. Eddie was cool and the video in the end was totally worth it. We even high-fived during the fall.

During the plane ride up, Liam informed us that we were halfway there, which prompted us to sing “Livin On A Prayer,” which was pretty epic, ha ha. The views of the ocean were so beautiful that I wanted to stay up in the sky longer.

No spoilers, but you get some goodies in the end too . Very grateful to Everyone at GoJump Oceanside for the wonderfully epic experience!!!!! My friend and I plan on making this a yearly tradition 🙂

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (23)

Preston Treadwell

15 Reviews

This is the second time I jumped but it had been about 10 years since I previously did it. Go Jump was super professional, fun, and always kept in contact with me. I originally was scheduled to jump at 12 but they called me, texted me, and emailed me the day before to tell me there was a minor delay. I was surprised with the amount of communication and how easy everything was.

All the staff were really friendly when we arrived. I jumped with Rusty, he was funny and I had a great time with him. He let me control the chute on the way down and he helped me do a move he called a “flare.” The best part of the jump had to be the view. Last time I jumped in Temecula and the view was nothing compared to over looking the ocean as you fall towards the ground.

Overall had a great experience and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (24)

Pearl Asencio

22 Reviews

This was an amazing experience! I am definitely going to go back here! The staff was great! Andy does a great job at the front desk, JC was an amazing instructor, the jump was great, the view was awesome, the landing went smooth, and it was a friendly environment to make such a great experience happen!

A few things to keep in mind:

1.Stay hydrated before you skydive

2. Eat something (not too heavy, but don’t do it on an empty stomach)

3. Wear sunscreen if you tan easily.

5. Get something to eat after you jump! It takes a lot of energy to fly!!!

Feel The Breeze

You can learn more about us and our valued guests on social media .

Follow us on instagram

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (25)

About GoJump America

GoJump was born in Oceanside California with the over riding ambition to give the safest Skydiving experiences in the most wonderful locations. In Oceanside we serve the San Diego and Los Angeles Area as well as further afield.

Once we were happily completing 25000 Tandem Skydives in Oceanside annually with excellent feedback from our valued customers we decided to spread our wings.

We now have locations in Oceanside, Las Vegas & Hawaii where we offer the same great Adventure to all our valued clients.

Welcome to GoJump America.

Call Now

$199 Oceanview skydiving between Los Angeles and San Diego. (2024)


How much does skydiving cost LA? ›

Here are the average prices in California you can expect for tandem jumping: 10K feet tandem jump (around $180) 15k feet tandem jump (around $220) 18K feet tandem jump (around $280)

Is Sky Dive worth it? ›

Whether you are jumping solo or with a group – you'll make memories that will last a lifetime. Those moments that stick with us for a long time are the moments worth livin'! It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience from the moment you step foot on the dropzone until the moment you drive away after your skydive.

How long does skydiving take Oceanside? ›

Prepare for a 20 minute plan ride. Bring a neck buff if you are jumping during COVID.

How risky is Sky Dive? ›

With modern equipment and training methods, fatalities occur in less than 1 per 100,000 cases, and serious injuries requiring hospitalization in less than 2 per 10,000 cases.

Where is the best place to skydive in California? ›

Skydive Monterey Bay is one of the world's most beautiful skydives because of its incredible view and ultra long freefalls. Take a short drive down the coast from San Francisco to parachute in paradise. We are proud to offer you the 'World's Highest Tandem Skydiving Experience from 18,000 feet'.

Why is skydiving so expensive? ›

Fuel is one of the major expenses in a skydiving operation. Turbine engines are fueled by JetA. This is more costly than Avgas or gasoline for your car. In addition, a twin engine aircraft burns more than 30 gallons of fuel flying a single load of jumpers.

Do they weigh you at Sky diving? ›

On the day of the skydive, you will be weighed. If you are over the required safety limit, you risk loosing your deposit and forfeiting your skydive.

How scary is skydiving for the first time? ›

The fear of the unknown is the main thing that makes people feel nervous when skydiving for the first time. It's an experience unlike any other, and you simply don't know what to expect if you haven't done it before. Some people liken skydiving to being on a roller coaster.

How many sky dives can you do in a day? ›

Some jumpers like to knock out 10-12 jumps in a day. Other jumpers take a more measured approach and make three. There is such a thing as being in “skydiving shape,” and after a long winter, if our usual three-jump-maximum fun jumper tries to crank out six or more skydives, they'll definitely feel it in the morning!

How fast do you come down when skydiving? ›

Terminal velocity is the fastest you'll fall during your jump; typically around 200 kph (120 mph). Your first few seconds in freefall will be a wee bit slower, so you'll cover a little less distance at first, but then you'll accelerate to full speed.

What is the weight limit for skydiving in Los Angeles? ›

Bring valid, government-issued photo ID. No maximum age! Cannot weigh over 240 lbs; private weigh-in at check in; over 220 lbs requires $25 fee.

How long are you airborne while skydiving? ›

First Time Skydiving. A typical skydive lasts five to six minutes, with approximately 50 seconds of that spent in freefall and four to five minutes on the parachute ride down. How long a skydive lasts is dependent on various factors, including altitude, weight and equipment used.

Who should avoid sky diving? ›

Congenital heart disease, arrhythmia, and other cardiovascular issues can pose a risk in the high-stress, low-oxygen, pressure-changing environment of skydiving. The conditions that come with skydiving are textbook risks for people with heart problems.

What are the cons of skydiving? ›

Seven Skydiving Health Risks
  • Hypertension or High Blood Pressure. Skydiving is an activity that will really get your blood pumping. ...
  • Age and Bone Density. Age-related osteoporosis can affect an individual's ability to jump. ...
  • Mobility / Flexibility. ...
  • Weight. ...
  • Diabetes. ...
  • Knee & Ankle Injuries. ...
  • Back Problems.

What is the biggest cause of skydiving death? ›

Many of the accidents occur because the jumper—oftentimes an experienced skydiver who is pushing the limits— makes an error in judgement while landing a perfectly functioning parachute. (Just as automobile accidents are not usually the result of equipment failure, but rather operator mistakes.)

Can you skydive from 30000? ›

Additionally, individuals wanting to jump from this altitude, including tandem skydivers, must have an FAA Class 3 medical certificate (or equivalent) and participate in physiological training. A skydive from 30,000 feet also requires specialized breathing equipment.

Can you skydive from 40 000 feet? ›

Licensed skydivers have a little more leeway when it comes to choosing a variety of skydiving altitudes that range from 3,500 feet all the way to above and beyond 40,000 feet. Whereas, most first-time tandem skydives are performed anywhere from 8,000 to 14,000 feet, with the average skydiving height being 10,000 feet.

How long does it take to skydive from 8000 feet? ›

At Skydive Jurien Bay you can choose to skydive from 8,000ft (20 seconds freefall), 10,000ft (40 seconds freefall) or 14,000ft (We recommend this. It's 60 seconds freefall).

Is solo skydiving expensive? ›

At Skydive Tec*mseh, each piece of the AFF Program prices include gear rental, instructional training, and everything else that you'll need to get through the program. In total, you'll spend about $3,500 for all 25 required jumps, training, and ground school.


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